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I am seriously considering to buy a Apple desktop or notebook, but what I would like to know from Apple users whether do you guys honestly think that the price that you paid for the notebook or desktop was worth the price for what you paid for?

I would seriously want to know the reason(s) why do you feel that the price you paid was worth the money.

if you are asking me, yes, i feel the $ i paid for my 20-inch Intel iMac 2.16GHz is worth it.

what i look for in a home personal computer is ease of use, low maintenance, ergonomics (in terms of both hardware and software) and lastly, industrial design. the iMac fulfills all of that and it looks great on my table, too. i prefer doing my photo editing and graphics on the Mac platform than Windows because the software i use seem to be more 'optimised' for the Mac. the Mac OS is seamlessly integrated into the workflow and is intuitive to me.

what one thinks is money's worth is what one looks for or wants out of his system. some people look for value-for-money in terms of hardware components, others look for the "intangibles", like someone mentioned. it's a balance of budget, capabilities and 'drool-factor' that will ultimately determine one's choice.