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Thread: Seeking travel mate - Langkawi or Phuket

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    Default Seeking travel mate - Langkawi or Phuket

    hi there clubsnappers,

    too much ongoing trauma (5D kanah wrecked) /drama recently, so i'm planning a short trip to either destination. depart within the next week, just kick around for 3 or 4 days. itinerary is non challenging, non risk taking, non adventurous. won't even be bringing my camera (no camera anyway )

    ideally depart on 3rd or 5th april. can depart this thursday even better.

    fly there
    wake up in the mornings
    drink coffee, smoke
    stroll to an idle cafe, read morning papers
    drink, smoke
    drink, smoke
    drink, smoke, eat

    wondering if anyone is keen on joining me. if not, will have equally much fun by myself. interested, please PM. just make plans online, meet at airport and go.
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    Default Re: seeking travel mate - langkawi or phuket

    btw, did you manage to get Canon fix the mirror on your 5D? Should be covered by the warranty.

    Langkawi sounds great, but off th HK that weekend.
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    Default Re: seeking travel mate - langkawi or phuket

    How bad was the damage on your 5D beyond repair?


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