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Thread: Eco-Dry mini dehumidifier

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    Default Eco-Dry mini dehumidifier

    Does anywhere know where i can get this eco-dry mini dehumidifier?
    The website says it is out of stock.
    Strange, I remember quite some time ago I came across some threads on this thing, but when I did a search I could not find any threads. How long is the lifespan of threads here?

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    I got mine from a Fujifilm (i think... can't remember) shop at Penisula plaza. Its behind the bata shop... I believe its S$19+. Nice piece of gadget combine with an air tight box to save cost...

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    Default Re: Eco-Dry mini dehumidifier

    You can get it at any HomeFix DIY store. Seen plenty of them around. Cost $19+. I have 3 of them for use in my wardrobe. A bit troublesome to use though. Need to recharge the unit by plugging it into the AC power to dry the silica gel every few days but must say it seems to work as I don't get mildew or mould in the wardrobe now.

    I use 2 in the wardrobe and 1 on standby regenerating. Then I swap around when the other is pink.


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