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    I am new to this website and would like some help for you guys. I am not good at computers and I will be getting a new computer soon and would like to know if there is anything that i should look out for in the package so that i can do photography editing. I also notice that the monitors they give is the longish type and will it make the photos short and fat or should i just ask for the normal monitors.. Thank you all in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

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    Long, rectangular LCD monitor will not affect your photos. You probably need to check with the salesman what type of softwares are there that comes with your new computer.

    You can always download freewares such as Picasa, Irfanview from the web for basic photo. editing.

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    Thanks but is there any particular software that i must look out for like the graphics card for example.

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    Ram is the most important. Get at least 1gb ram, recommend 2gb, or the more the merrier.

    Next thing is your harddisk . You'll need lots of space to store your photos, so get at least 160gb as a start. You can always add more harddisks later. Go for those Sata harddisk.

    As for processor, the latest would be the Intel Core 2 Duo, any of the offering will be good enough. Or if you prefer AMD, then go for their X2 3600+ and above processor.

    While graphic card is not crucial in photo editing, I think it is useful to go for at least a decent one, especially if you want to use a bigger monitor. If you are building your own rig, I would suggest at least a Nvdia 7600gs or ATI X1600pro. If you are buying from those branded pc like HP or Dell, look out for those with seperate graphic card, and NOT those using onboard graphic that share memory with the processor.

    As for monitor, I would think most people prefer as large as possible. Widescreen monitor will not distort your photo, and will gives you more space to play with. Popular sizes are the 20" or 22" widescreen.
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    Thanks for your advice , will take note.


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