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IS can never compare to high ISO... u can't freeze motion with IS... and IS helps a bit.. but i don't think they'll go as far as 10 stops... 3-4 is already alot.. unless u're willing to pay thousands of dollars more... when u can just get a tripod..

anyway i bet they already know how to make noise free pics at ISO 6400... it's just a matter of how they release their technology... u gotta release such technology slowly so that u can get maximum revenue at each stage...

I agree that IS/VR cannot compare to noiseless high ISO. To freeze motion, you need 1/1000 sec shutter and at this point you dont need IS/VR. So in the end high ISO is still least expensive and more helpfull. However as most of us if not all, already knew that the higher the ISO setting we use, the more details we lost.

Just my 2 cents