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    Hello to all,

    This isn't directly related to photography but since it deals with colour I hope it is alright for me to discuss it here. I have a webdesign assignment due monday and i have been faced with a problem.

    Thing is, I work on 2 different computers, on a notebook in school, and on a Desktop at home. The notebook is of course LCD, while my home setup has a CRT, albeit a pretty old one.

    When i uploaded my PSD file to my desktop to carry on working at home, to my horror i discovered the colours VERY messed up! From what was (on the notebook LCD) a beige turned into a pale yellow on my CRT. I checked the colour profile of Photoshop, and both showed identical profiles - Default Web Profile (sRGB). So which one do i believe is the true colour? and how will i know what my lecturer will see on his own LCD/CRT. I'm afraid the impact is dramatically different. Hope someone can help me out urgently.

    Just to show you the difference i took a photo of both with my camera:

    The different is not that visible here but i assure you it's dramatic. This is the first time i have encountered such a stark difference, and has left me dumbfounded. Appreciate some help!

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    What mode izzit?
    CMYK or RBG?

    Are the monitors calibrated?

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    both are in RGB.

    I'm not sure if they are calibrated.. i should probably calibrate them now. would you know of a way to calibrate them? thanks for the swift reply...

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    did u toggle with the brightness/contrast ? set both to the max..then see the output..

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    Well i can't really asjust my brightness /contrast on the LCD, but yeah, the CRT brightness /contrast is at 100%


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