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Thread: Cameras with budget $250-$350

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    Smile Cameras with budget $250-$350

    Hi guys... i am helping my gf to look out for reasonably simple to use camera. It doesn't need to have sophisticated functions, but cannot be too bulky. We don't mind if the model is not one of those current ones.

    Thanks for any recommedations!!!

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    Make a trip down to Best or Courts.
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    I will suggest the Fujifilm F20..

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    I would suggest F11 for more control of A/S, but both models are fine. They are priced at $299. You can call up Audio House or MS Colour for quote before you go down.

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    you want to try this. not too bad a cam. compact too.
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    read yesterday come out with a new looks promising...
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    i think those from Nikon, Canon, olympus are better because the got most of the functions although its ex but worth the $$


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