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Whiner. Loser. Lame. You can't write things off that you don't own in the first place. Get a life, live and grow up. Ooops. At your age, I presume you've already hit the growing limit.

Come, lay it on me. I dare you to. Threat? Read again. It ain't a threat.

It's a promise.

Surely, you can do better than that. Come on, make the first move. I'm waiting. What about your threats to kill off Oracle in his MO? What about your shitty vapour-ware of 6 containers of Manfrotto stuff?

Empty vessels makes the most noise.

Serves you blardy right for getting banned in NUF. Nah nah nee boo boo. What can you do?

NOTHING. Worthless piece of noisemaker that doesn't can't DO SH!T.
Are you guys trying to be funny or entertaining to the rest of the CS group of people? Please bring your grudges outside this forum for god sake. This is a Kopitiam forum but its not a 泼妇骂街 place. Give yourself a break and everyone else a break.