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Thread: Prosumer in dry cabinet

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    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights View Post
    it would be great fun for doing it every months, years after years, don't forget to get a flying pan just for the cooking silica, you can't use it for food anymore.
    golly! luck you told me! i would just have used the one my mom uses for cooking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by synapseman View Post
    I once put my camera in my fish tank, too. Unfortunately it didn't work out too well because I didn't remove the water and the fishes first.

    Silica gel tends to get saturated within days in our environment, more quickly if you didn't empty out the fishtank first. Gets very tiresome to recharge them once every 3 days. Some will suggest Thirst Hippo, etc. Also not recommended as you can't tell exactly what's the humidity in the tank. Too high, no point. Too low and the lubricants in the camera/lenses may dry out.

    It must have been the fishes' fault.

    Oh, I got worried by all the doomsayers' prophecies, so I went and got one of those Thirsty Hippo like things and dumped it on the shelf that I put all my cameras (prosumer + P&S) on.. Won't be too dry right?

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