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Thread: Singapore Nature Exhibition

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    Default Singapore Nature Exhibition

    The first public photo exhibition by Nature Photographic Society (Singapore).

    Date: 15th March to 27th April 2003
    Venue: Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre


    More details at:

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    This exhibition is still on and there will be a photo outing on Macro in the morning 8am and a talk by John ARIFIN at 2pm this Saturday 5th April.

    The set of prints will also be changed this weekend.

    In addition, to commemorate Earth Day on 20th April, the NPS will be organising a photo outing on bird photography at 8am, followed by a talk on bird photography (by David TAN, NPS advisor) and butterfly photography (by Sin Khoon KHEW, ex-NPS secretary) at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

    Come and join in these events if you are keen on nature photography!

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    upz for you

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    Default Talk postponed

    Please note that the talk by Mr John Arifin on "Approach to Macro Photography" for this Saturday has been postponed to 26th April 2pm. The venue is still at SBG Briefing room (at the Visitor's Centre).

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    Default Earth Day events

    The Earth day events are as follows:

    8am Bird photography session (led by Graeme GUY, ex-President of NPS and a long-time nature photographer with numerous awards)

    11am Talk on bird photography (by Mr David TAN, advisor for NPS)

    2pm Butterflies of Singapore (by Mr KHEW Sin Khoon, ex-secretary of NPS and an avid butterfly watcher and photographer)

    Don't miss these events if you are keen on nature photography!

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    where is the bird photography session held/meeting point. Any costs involved? what do i need to bring.

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    Originally posted by szekiat
    what do i need to bring.

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    Oops... I'm sorry about the late reply. Didn't watch this forum closely.

    These outings and talks are free for the public. The next one will be John Arifin's talk this Saturday at 2pm. It's at the briefing room at the Visitor's Centre. All events are organised there as the exhibition is there.

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    Default Talk on macro photography

    There will be a talk this Saturday (26th April) 2pm on "Approaches to Macro Photography" by Mr John Arifin. The venue will be the briefing room at the Visitor's Centre of Singapore Botanic Gardens.

    John is a very experienced nature photographer who had conducted numerous lessons on how to capture nature images. He also has a website called "Nature at work" ( and runs many workshops on outdoor and nature photography.

    Come and hear a master in nature photography on how he take his best macro shots. Don't miss it!


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