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Thread: Do u remove the tripod head when travel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tqviet0327 View Post
    for me, when travel, i would reverse the head so that it is protected by the legs and the total length is also lower. I havent tried this, but i think you can further protect it by put it in the middle of the luggage and wrap a T shirt or something around the head, then the legs hold it --> strong frame - shock reducer - sensitive item
    you could also get something like the OPTech USA Snoot Boot to store ur tripod head separately, or just cover the head to protect it...
    I'm sure we can find a cheap alternative that we can use...
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    yup, I bought the longest and sturdiest tripod that would fit into my carry on trolley bag...naturally have to remove the head or otherwise won't fit...and I think the screw threads are strong enough to be screwed and unscrewed quite a number of times...

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    Never remove it, and have not been asked to do so leh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinwin View Post
    I am concern that if we screw and unscrew the tripod head for many time, it will become loose ... Is this possible?
    Screws do get loose of course. Constant screwing and unscrewing makes it worse.

    I am also worried about screw being loose. The threads of a screw can get damaged and then it cannot be repaired. With regard to my bigger ballhead I am extremely concerned about parts becoming loose as I use it with long lenses shooting beyond 1000mm. For solid support, tests have shown you need hard solid materials like metals or engineering plastics. Materials such as cork, rubber, teflon tape will increase vibration if used with long lenses.

    The ballhead have to be very tightly screwed to the tripod. To do so requires an "interference fit" with metal rubbing against metal, and metal will get removed if done so regularly. (Some people glue it permanently to the tripod). It is not a question of strength, it is a question of tolerance and loose fit.

    YET ballhead manufacturers often recommend storing the ballhead separately when travelling due to the risk of damage.

    With my smaller and cheaper ballhead for travelling, it doesn't matter if it gets loose as I only use it upto 300mm, so ultra stability is not critical. Even so, I seldom remove it.

    Travel tripods with reversible legs are great as the protect the head and the head does not make it any longer.

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