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Thread: No enough RAM?

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    Default No enough RAM?

    Can someone help to explain why I could not open any files (incl. pdf, psd, abt 1Mb) send to me by a friend due to "ünable to open document .... because there is not enough memory (RAM)"?
    I could easily open any files (even 10Mb) file in my PS .....
    Why hor?
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    can you print screen the error/problem message?

    Could it be that you have too many other applications open?

    try reboot and then open the file.
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    Default Re: No enough RAM?

    1mb of vectors is quite alot... compared to 1mb of pixels.

    anyway, sometimes its a bad save with corrupted data, and the files goes on endless loop, hence memory not enuff... perhaps ask to resend again.
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    Default Re: No enough RAM?

    Are you running from a networked pc? I suspect you do not have write permission to you temp folder, make sure you have full write access.


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