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Thread: Canon Ixus 850

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    Wink Canon Ixus 850


    I am planning to get a compact camera.

    However, I cannot decide on the pixels to get.

    E.g. If I get 10mp, do I have to do a lot of editing?

    I think the average mp in the market now is 7.2mp

    And also, I like to take a lot of indoor pics and outdoor landscape pics.
    E.g. mountain, sea etc..

    But I always not sure of how to set my camera.

    Can someone suggest to me a very cool and good camera?

    My budget is below $700


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    Default Re: Canon Ixus 850

    Fujifilm S6500 fd.

    28mm is good for landscape photos.

    Best low-noise high sensitivity small sensor in the market currently.

    Price.. .$599 at IT Show... should be cheaper at the regular recommended shops.


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