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Thread: Blogspot problems :(

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    Default Blogspot problems :(

    i just switched from another blog host to Blogspot recently, and i've been having problems using it.

    whenever i post a new entry, i am unable to view it on the main address page until hours later. the blog page will just show the old posts despite Refreshing the page or clearing the internet files/cookies/stuff. i will only be able to view the blog post at the specific entry URL which is accessed from the "Edit Posts" page.

    the same thing happens when i edit the HTML. the blog page just shows the old HTML until hours later when it'll then update.

    i've tried calling my internet provider to ask about any possible uncleared server cache but they said they couldn't help me and i should call Microsoft for help. some of my friends have told me that Blogger just takes very long to upload stuff and thats why i dont see my new entry.

    anyone with this similar problem? what should i do?

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    Default Re: Blogspot problems :(

    1) Switch to firefox if you're using IE
    2) Use Crtl + F5, this gives a proper refresh

    The fault lies not with Blogger. Try it, and if it doesn't work, update us.

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    Default Re: Blogspot problems :(

    i see my blog entries immediately after i post them on blogspot
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