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Thread: how much will these things fetched ?

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    Originally posted by tomshen
    hmm Kindred, define your photography first. Dun rush to get any more fancy equipment before you regret again. Remember this: I have been shooting extensively with Sigmas for a year and never upgraded anything. The more I shoot the less I feel any inferiority about my gears. Unless getting more assignments which require the highest standands in more chanllenging situations, I won't easily dump my Sigmas. You need some decent equipment but not necessarily the best which are the most expensive unless you are really rich. Learn to use you systems well. In 90% of time, it's the man behind the camera accomplishes or fails the job, not the other way round.

    Wish you have fun in your quest for the ART of photography.

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    Woah man! its kinda shocked to me when i heard that u qutting photography. espcially when u jus bough ur D60. but luckily u didnt.

    I 3 weeks neber take photos liao due to schedule too tight, too much projects loaded on me and nearly give up like u.

    anyway, i decide to hold on to my cam for time being n decided to not to upgrade liao cos no time to play wif it...
    Olympus C730 -> Nikon 5700 -> Nikon D90!

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