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Thread: CS Admin/Owners, please stop exploitative threads

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    Default CS Admin/Owners, please stop exploitative threads

    We all know the only true way the situation will change is when the admin decide to step in. We also understand you guys operate on the free-market principle, and know you had been closing one eye on 'OTs' on these threads. But I'm sure you can see how the professional photography in SG is gaining a bad name; how newbies who have a genuine interest in turning pro/semi-pro are starting off with a wrong footing; ultimately, how the CS has become (not so long back, I used the phrase "is becoming") infamous hunting ground for cheap (going on to free) services.

    For the supporters of free/cheap services, please start another thread if you can't resist and need to post your opinions.

    This thread is supposed to be more of a petition.

    To admins/owners: we can discuss further (as a community) if you're willing to step in on providing alternatives to both genuine service seekers, as well as genuine newbs who want to venture into the industry. Until then, only you can stop this degredation.

    Fellow CS-ers, if you feel the same as I do, please tag.

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