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Thread: Kinabalu in August?

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    I plan to climb Kinabalu during National day holiday.Made the bookings for 6 persons @ laban rata.There is one slot still available in Laban Rata on the 10th of Aug.So far there is a group of 5 of us with confirmed flight got spcae for one more....Leaving from JB on the 8th of Aug & return to Singapore on the 12th.CLimb will be on 10th night/11th morning.flying air asia.

    email me if you are intersted..

    P.S: We have got 2 days in Kinabalu before the climb. If you have been to Kinabalu before, please suggest good places to visit ... thank you..
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    Visit the flea market at Gaya St on Sunday morning. Alot of interesting things to see and buy.


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