View Poll Results: Do you keep your .psd or .tiff files after editing?

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  • Definitely, I keep in .psd so that I won't have to repeat my editing again next time

    37 37.76%
  • Definitely, I keep in .tiff cos they are lossless files

    16 16.33%
  • No! Too much space. jpg will be fine.

    50 51.02%
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Thread: Do you save your final images in .tiff or .psd?

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    Default Re: Do you save your final images in .tiff or .psd?

    i think the same goes for adobe bridge.
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    Default Re: Do you save your final images in .tiff or .psd?

    Quote Originally Posted by espion View Post
    None of the above.

    They are for different purposes. In fact I use both and also JPEG.

    TIFF is the format used after conversion from RAW. The rationale is that since you captured in RAW you ought not to be throwing away data with a lossy compression. For if that is OK then you might have captured in JPEG right from the onset.

    PSD is the format used for a Photoshopped file. You can save your edited file with all its layers and so on as TIFF, but I think there will be certain features of Photoshop not available in TIFF or saved inefficiently. I do not know what are these but I just suppose PSD is most efficient for Photoshop.

    And to minimise PSD file size never never maximise PSD and PSB file compatibility. If you do your PSD file balloons very very rapidly. Also try not to duplicate layers. There are ways to do blending without layers duplication.

    And JPEG is used when I post it to the web, and I will further lower the resolution to 72 dpi, make the picture smaller, and optimise the JPEG compression for a slow modem, ie I am deliberately throwing away data when I save as a JPEG.
    what's the use of PSB actually?

    i'm now doing a photobook, saving all my retouched photos (from raw) in TIFF for print later. so TIFF is actually best if my objective is optimal storage size and retaining editing capabilities (layers) ? i normally save in PSD but they're really too big when there's a lot of editing.. i only have 160gb x 2

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