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Thread: Tripod or Monopod?

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    always can't get myself to get a monopod although i like something lighter. everytime i travel, i will have to decide on which to bring. i can't bring both - it defeats the purpose of getting light.

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    Threadstarter has to identify what his problem really is before knowing whether a monopod is the solution.

    Is it handshake blur, motion blur, weight etc. problem?

    A monopod can solve handshake blur only to a certain extent while it is totally useless in avoiding motion blur.

    One has to know, under the light conditions he take his pictures, what kind of shutter speeds are possible and what focal lengths he wants to use. If the shutter speed is many stops slower than 1/actual focal length, a monopod may not solve the handshake problem and a tripod is necessary. If motion blur is the problem, then a monopod isn't going to help at all because you need a faster shutter speed.

    In most candid and street picture shooting, the solution to blur images is a faster lens (i.e. larger aperture, keeping in mind that the Depth of Field will be affected) and/or a higher ISO so that a faster shutter speed can be used to avoid handshake and/or motion blur.

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