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    hi guys, ill be going to burma. anyone been there? any place to recommend? to shoot. rangoon, inlay and mandalay.

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    I defintiely think you should go to Bagan; lotsa temples. I thought Yangon was pretty boring, and Manderlay very intriguing. Good luck!

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    For Yangon (Rangoon), just make sure you visit the Shwedagon Pagoda in the morning (be there at 6am), an excellent spectacle to behold. After that, you can skip Yangon totally.

    Mandalay's nice, especially the old Palace, from the outside. During the day, it's hot as hell, so dress appropriately.

    Inlay's the best of the lot. A huge lake, with houses built on the water. People even grow vegetation on small plots of land that grow on the water. A little like a rural Venice.

    Burma's so large that there's countless places not yet spoilt by jack-a$$ tourists who give out cash unnecessarily whereby brainwashing the locals to ask for money whenever possible (like Bali for instance), it's a challenge to figure out where to go.

    Have a good one!

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    an inspiration for you..

    btw, i'm not the photographer..
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    Snap all you want but avoid soldiers and military vehicles etc.... they are still a military junta.... they wont tell you nicely to stop taking pics of what they deem sensitive.. if you really want to take, go up to them, smile offer cigarette, make friends first... dont do candid shots..

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    cool thanks guys. zeith, awesome photos. thanks!


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