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Thread: Liberty. Gone.

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    a short write up:

    when i first stepped into the jfk custom, the first impression was pretty bad. customs officers were marching about booming at people. like "PLEASE TURN OFF THAT HANDPHONE SIR!" "PUT THAT AWAY OR I WILL TAKE IT MAM!" and for me, it was pretty fightening "JUNIOR! CANT YOU READ THAT SIGN? PUT YOUR CAMERA AWAY OR I'LL TAKE IT!!"

    post-911. and when i go to placeslike the empire state building and statue island, the security is soooo tight. scanners everywhere, security guards all-round. the no-liquids onboard affected me slightly as i had a sorethroat during my trip, and those who travel should know that the amount of water airlines serve can always be drank in one gulp.

    on statue island, as usual, i see many barricades surounding it. even on the island itself, there's a full security check at the entrance of the statue! so when i was walking about, i saw this short metal barricade. in front of me was the statue. so.... i bend downwards, and voila, the statue is caged from my perspective.

    just a random thought i had: we calculate the total cost of damages(both tangibles and non-tangibles) the topple of the WTC was. let the value be X. we calculate the value of the cost of having all these security measures. let the value be Y.

    if Y>>>X(Y is much much larger than X), does it make any sense? it seems that they are fighting a losing war, cos right now, osama(or someone else) does not have to do anything, all damages since 911 are self-inflicting.

    *erm.... wondering if this post violates any CS t&c*

    as usual. comments appreciated. me slightly more daring now since the first thread in CC went pretty smooth.

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    Default Re: Liberty. Gone.

    i see the idea of your image but it's rather blah. prefer more light on subject.

    your other opinion is rather more for kopitiam. however i will bite and say, that's very naive thinking and your opinion of 'cost' and the meaning of security needs to be reviewed.


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