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    hi guys,

    lets say i have a lot of photos, and i want to create a database. such that when i search with a particular name. it will automatically give me the desired pics.

    is thr such a software avail? whr do i get it?


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    Windows search function?

    Rename all your photos accordingly, lol.

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    what software do you use in your workflow?

    There are software which allow you to embed keywords in your image files. These keywords will help you search the database for images with related keywords.

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    hah... that is one option.


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    Though i have yet to try them, i think Picasa, Windows Photo Gallery, etc has tagging features which are actually keywords associated with each photo. I find this incredibly useful. With this tagging ability, i will just name my photos in sequential order only, don't have to bother about naming it specifically like "Chong's Birthday Party". I just tag it as Chong, birthday, party. If i want to look for this pictures again, i will search by tags!
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    Oh ya, try iMatch from !
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