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Thread: 50mm prime lens?

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    hi hi,

    not sure better in what sense....just that i read somewhere got pple recommend a lens with a particular f-number but someone else recommend a smaller i thought is it the smaller f-number is better....
    A very simplified explanation would be small f-numbers mean bigger lens apertures which allow more light into the lens so when you look into the viewfinder the image you see is brighter. Lenses with small f-numbers also cost more, e.g. a 50mm f/1.7 costs less than a 50mm f/1.4

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    It is interesting to note that the kit lens for a F1.8 and a F1.4 has a price difference as much as 50% or more...can you really get more DOF out from a F1.4 than a F1.8 ?
    Technically, the DoF is shallower on the f/1.4 than the f/1.8. If you don't print anything larger than 4R hard to tell which has more DoF.

    DoF is achieved by stopping the lens down to bigger f-numbers. Shooting a lens at it's biggest aperture is called, literally, wideopen.

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    it's worth the money...IMHO...

    it's fast and sharp.. i have my 18-200 but i use my 50mm F/1.8 most of the time...

    i think if you can afford to go into this expensive hobby... it wont hurt you to buy this cheapo $120 lens which in return will give you much better picture than kit lens.. but of course at different its up to you on how you use it... and i think it will train you to compose better using any prime lens....

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