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    Anybody going?

    Party by the Beach
    Date : Sunday, 16th March 2003
    Time: 10.00am to 5.00pm
    Venue: Marine Cove (Near East Coast Park Mcdonalds)


    1. The Royal Canin Beach HUt
    (give aways of pet food samples)

    2. The WOnderful World of Parrots

    3. Amazing Abilities of Man's Best Friend by Waggies

    4. Good POochie! by Waggie's
    (learn more bout the capabilites of your pet)

    5. Dog grooming demonstration by k9 paradise

    On top of that,there's a

    1. ROyal Canin Beach Babe and Surfer Dude contest
    - dress up ur dog in the coolest beach gear
    - to register, email name,i/c and contact number to Beach Babe and Surfer Dude)
    by the 5th March 2003

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    Sounds very interesting. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Sounds great! I think I'll be there!

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    Hmmm... think I'll drop by too. Wanna meet at Mac's first? Not sure where is the 'Canin' beach hut. Sounds like 'caning' or 'rotan' hut... Ouch!

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    awrite! thanx for posting this. will b there with my doggie!


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