Photographic memory is not limited to a select few. All of us have photographic memory. However:

1) Some of us just don't have film inside (myself included). As a result, we forget things the moment we're told.

2) Some of us have only a limited amount of exposures. So, after finishing up the film, we have to change it, so we forget things from a while ago.

3) And then, there are some whose drive motor/film winder is defective. Therefore, we tend to get events/memories mixed up when the film doesn't wind.

4) There is also this group which has this very high ISO film inside. As a result, we remember big things and little things, but not the fine details within.

5) Conversely, some of us have very low ISO film inside. We tend to need to be reminded of what it is we're trying to remember before it gets stuck inside.

6) And finally, there are some who have combined visible/UV/IR/whatever film loaded, so we "remember" things that weren't there in the first place.

So which group do you belong to?