First Model: Jennifer

Second Model: Agatha

Date: 11 Mar 07
Time: 8.30am to 12.30pm
Theme: Casual & Bikini
Ratio: 6 Photographers to 1 Model
Cost: S$ 75.00

Professional MUA will be present throughout the shoots. Outdoor Strobes and Reflectors are available... The organiser reserves the right to cancel this photoshoot if the number of pariticpants are not reached. The second model will only be introduced if there is enough participants for both groups.

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** the shoot is entire based on the concepts of the shoots. We will plan what we want to do, decide the setting and those who are new to this type of shoot will have a chance to learn from the experience kakis and also a chance to learn - How to break the ice with the model. You may like to bring some of your props alone; a hat, a scarf, a shirt etc and hence you have a chance to try your style......we respect and accept all suggestions.