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Thread: the same old question - to wait or not to wait...

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    Default the same old question - to wait or not to wait...

    hahaz.. i've been planning to get my 1st digicam fer quite some time oredi... with a budget of $600, i shifted frm my 1st choice of the fuji 2600 to the casio 2400 (cos got manual controls at the same price wat... no doubt the pic quality may be slightly inferior)

    but recently, i started to get a little excited over the unveiling of the Canon A40 (comes wif certain manual controls and i believe, good pic quality as well)... but found out that it'll onli be launched in Singapore prob around May...

    well, i intend to get the camera at the end of March when i'ld have some time off my other other commitments... so, the question is whether it's worth it waiting fer the A40 to come out and hope tt it'll fit in my budget or shld i juz give up waiting and get the qv2400 as planned?

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    since you only want to get it end of march, wait until closer and see if there's any more interesting cameras being launched here.... you could also scout for some 2nd hand ones if you don;t mind them.
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    Unless u have pressing need to get that DC...then it's best to hang on till mid-yr when the Canon A40 come out.....according to the specs this is that kinda 'one-size-fits-all' DC that's good for most occasions....just hope that the price is not higher than what u r paying for the A20 now.


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