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    More XP work.

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    only people who have come to know or are from Singaporean Chinese families who practise taoism will know what the subject is.

    on the meaning level, i can't make out much of a content. it's a rather direct depiction of the joss stick holder. the cross processing added an interesting colour layer but it does not seem to enrich the subject. there does seem to be some attempt at trying to depict a rather secretive and dark atmosphere, but that did not go beyond an attempt and remains very much just an effect.

    on the abstract level, there's some potential in expressing the lines of burn marks and the lines from the distortion due to the angle. but can't make out the composition.

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    Thanks Eikin for your thoughts. I agree that there should have been much more thought put into the shot, which I tend to overlook in the time-compressed shooting I'm forced to do nowadays.

    I just happened to see the joss stick holder and popped a quick shot of it while walking as I was actually supposed to be helping out there at a charity outreach, not shooting photos of joss stick holders

    Looking back, there are dozens of ways that I can think of right now that could have made the shot better, but it's too little too late I guess.

    Another case of not quite there, which I will attempt to remedy by intensive shooting during block leave the week after next heh.


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