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    Does this composition work ?

    Appreciate your comments, thanks.

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    i am not a pro ah..but to me, i would feel like being closer to the bee with just the bee and flower in a single frame instead of having other flowers behind. not too sure about what the seasoned photographers would say but this is just how i feel..yup!

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    single flower, single bee certainly is a composition, but it is another composition.

    the question here is how u composed with these 3 flowers and the 1 bee.

    I dunno if what u took was deliberately seen or composed, with the 3 flowers forming an isosceles triangle, but if so it is too "square" or too static, not exciting; an irregular triangle formation is more exciting.

    secondly the top flower is cut off, spoiling the triangle arrangement - which then lead me to suspect the triangle arrangement was accidental - and there are too much upright empty stalks at the bottom - making the picture top heavy- and again parallel lines are not that exciting.

    it is also right heavy: the very well focused bee and flower put too much weight on its side and it feels like the bee is falling off the right edge of the picture, although the bee leaning backwards helps to curtail this somewhat.

    So u need to put the bee and flower in a spot where it is balanced by the other two blur flowers and more spaces in some more exciting arrangement.

    You may say the scene was fleeting and you can only focus and shoot the bee, but then photography being the capture of fleeting moments, compels you to be able to do all these composition - all these many words I have written - seemingly instinctively and instantly. And that is what practice is all about.

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    Thanks sprintist.

    espion, appreciate for the detailed comments.
    Yes this photo is indeed crop from a bigger frame with many unwanted and distracting elements. I thought the triangular arrangement may form an interesting composition.

    The top flower is partially crop deliberate as its too loud that it actually take away the attention from the bee.

    Your pointers does make good sense for me, thanks.

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    Re-arrange the photo.

    Is this better ?

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    Certainly. But still need something on the right to balance the bee: eg more space another flower etc OR crop away the left flower and have an up-down arrangement, but that is becoming a different picture ... :-)


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