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Thread: Where should I go on from here?

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    Getting a scholarship may not be the best route for everyone. Try explore other options of financing your education which may provide you with many more opportunities. While scholarship will solve the financial problem of your tertiary education, it will at the same time set you on a more or less fixed path that you may find hard to deviate a few years later.

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    While code has his points about the scholarship thing not being for everyone, sometimes it's the only route for people to get overseas. As to why overseas, I suppose everyone has already heard the arguments about why overseas. =D

    In any case, dude; what I would do if I were in your shoes:
    1) Think about what course you want to take. Be very sure.
    2) Be the typical RJ student (hee hee) and apply for all the scholarships. Of course don't be too unselective and apply for nursing scholarships if you know you will NEVER be a nurse, etc. Do not limit yourself to just DSTA and PSC - though from experience you do stand a chance in getting DSTA still. PSC to be frank, not so. Besides, do find out more about the different scholarship - you're from RJ, milk the most of it, there are so many scholars amongst your seniors. From what I know, DSTA isn't all that it's made out to be, but I'll leave it at that. Some of the stat boards have pretty good environments, friendly and all that, and opportunities are also boundless. Once again, it's what you make out of it.
    3) You should at least get a few interviews, keep calm, and personally my view is not to prepare much for it. Think before you speak, that's really all you need - the more you attend, the better you'd get at it, heh.
    4) If you do not get interviews and all that, think about what you want to do in Singapore - hope this doesn't get your goat or anything, one must always prepare for the worst while hoping for the best (of course don't let this get you down at all).. It's really not the end, as so many before have proven.
    5) All the best! I repeat - just make the most out of what you've gotten , and everything will resolve itself in one way or another. Good luck.

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    Getting an overseas education sometimes opens many doors that are not possible with a local degree. Don't get me wrong - both can be equally good in substance; it's just a matter of opportunities.

    If you are bonded, you effectively shut out those opportunities unless you are prepared to break your bond at the end of your studies. I know the cost of an overseas education will be significant but so can be the reward. Talk to pple working in the field that you are interested to get into to have a understanding whether having a local or overseas education does make a difference. If so, may be worthwhile to consider getting a loan for the studies. If you are confident of the financial rewards comes with the overseas education, the loan should not be difficult to service.

    Some years ago, I would advise pple to take up the scholarships first as it is a free option. Work a few years with your organisation and if you don't like it, pay up your bond and leave. However, with the market changing so rapidly, the first few years of your career could be crucial and making a career switch subsequently can be difficult.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timber Wolf View Post
    Haha. You see, the problem is that I want a scholarship which allows me to pursue a management/policy-making job after that. I'm scared that the prospects of Ph.D pple are limited to the field they specialise in. I want to be able to diversify after that.

    scholarship is just a stepping stone. picking up a job outside one's specialisation is also not that all too uncommon.

    anyway i think you and your parents put too much weight on that piece of paper. a result like that would make many parents very happy.

    there's no point fearing that you don't stand a chance, if you don't try you don't even have a chance. pick from the options available to you, instead of clinging on stubbornly to a single way to move on.

    good luck

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