Recently my friend's office has been broke into by thief. The MIB ('Man In Blues' a.k.a Police) has been called and a report has been lodge. Upon asking about how the MIB are going about investigating, my friend told them that the building CCTV can be use as a starting leads. For the next moment you wouldn't believe what they said.

MIB: "Ermm... For that, can you go and view the CCTV yourself with the building managements? Anything you came across, you can provide it to us."

No other concrete or signs of actions to indicate their desire to do an investigations. They just took some statements only and goes off. I wonder if this is the way things are done elsewhere in 1st world country as Singapore claimed to be. I taught they are suppose to be more professional then that. Aren't they suppose to be the authority in assist and help in putting in place security and order for civilians?