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Thread: What's your first console game?

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    My 1st was an Atari. Then Nintendo, Micro Genius and Family Com. Followed by Sega 16 bit drive and the last was PS1. My bro got Xbox but I dun play liao.

    And oh yes, Western Bar. I have the Helicopter and Train game too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesecake View Post
    emulator? which hp supports?
    If you have a Windows Mobile (PDA phone) you can download several Emulators and run the games. (E.G. ).

    There are several emulators. Including Game Boy emulators. Just that you might not have enough buttons on your PDA to play it... hahaha...

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    Quote Originally Posted by soldier View Post
    ORIC. It uses cassette tape to load the game and it takes about 5 - 15mins to load up. First game was some guy jumping up to avoid some boulders.
    ah.. tapes.. i remember.. Sinclairs ZX8s.....
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    The first console system I could afford to buy myself was the PS1.
    Got it when I was working to play games like Raiden Project, Resident Evil, and various ported-from-arcade shooting games (Gunbird, 1942, Strikers 1945, Kyukyoku Tiger, etc).
    Later on, I also got a Neo Geo MVS board (the arcade board, with an adapter to hook up to a TV), with mainly Metal Slug series (my favourite on the Neo Geo) and some of the KOF (alll these are the arcade carts (much cheaper than the home carts)).
    When the home Neo Geo price dropped (probably due to emulators), I got one but I never really played much with it. Some people say the Neo Geo joystick is big, but it's nothing compared to the Hori Real Arcade Stick.
    Nowadays I don't have much time for console games, I prefer to play emulators on my PC or play with my DSL when I'm outside.

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