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Thread: Dog @ outside vivo City

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    Default Dog @ outside vivo City

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    Default Re: Dog @ outside vivo City

    hmm. the dog's ass is like awkwardly cropped.
    would be better if it was included. lol.
    stop the time.

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    Default Re: Dog @ outside vivo City

    1) the fence rope cut through the eyes of the dog.

    2) the dog not standing out from the dark background.

    3) if you have cropped this picture, than your 1/3 rule intersection lines should be somewhere ard the body (some where just behind the front leg) of the dog instead of the head.

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    To add on to the above, the pic looks underexposed it looks like you used some nosie removal software and it has killed amost all fine detail. Also it would help if you stated the purpose of the picture.
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