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Thread: Scanning of old slides

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    Default Scanning of old slides

    I have taken over a lot of slides that have been stored away for years. These are old family archives, comprising 35 mm and 6x6 slides. I would like to get them scanned and stored electronically. I need some advice please, on which place in Singapore would be able to scan the 180 slides and a recommended resolution to request (if that is possible).

    Many thanks!

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    Check color seperation companies who have drum scanners. But be aware that the cost is pretty high. IIRC, a single 35mm slide will easily cost you $1 to $2 per scan. Resolution should be about 1,200 to 2,400 dpi. Try this company - Koford Prints Pte Ltd tel 62987033; they're located at Syed Alwi Road, sorry can't remember the building name.

    Or you can ask for some of the guys here to help you scan the 35mm slides on their Nikon slide scanner. I think they can achieve 4800 dpi easily. You'll need flatbed scanners for the 6x6 unfortunately.

    But having done a comparison, I still feel the drumscanners still do a better job despite the lower resolution.

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    Default Re: Scanning of old slides

    drum scans at $1 to $2 per scan?!!??

    that is real cheap, go for it


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