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Thread: Sigma 135-400/4,5-5,6 DG APO

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    Anybody has any experience to share about the Sigma 135-400/4,5-5,6 DG APO lens? I would welcome some feedback from any user regarless of camera brand since I am planning to get the lens for my cam. Would welcome some sample images and comments on sharpness and resolution. I am especially interested in the far end, between 3-400mm range. The lens for 4/3 cameras will not be released before April, so I have some time to read about the lens. I would guess the lens is the same for all brands regarding the construction. The only difference is the firmware and the lens fittings. So I think the lens will perform similar on any camera, except for the differences that are due to the camera brand differences.


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    Come on, nobody is using this lens? Nikon, Canon, Sigma camera owners anybody?
    I'd really hate to be the first...


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