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Thread: PPCP tripod user review request

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    Default PPCP tripod user review request

    I'm thinking of getting a new tripod and have found PPCP's tripdo to be reasonably priced (even tho it's gotten a lot higher since it got introduced).
    I know that there's already a thread for first impression of the PPCP tripods, but I would like to hear from people who have bought & used the tripods for about a year or more after using it in the real life situations. Thanks

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    Default Re: PPCP tripod user review request

    Using it now, no complains...the light weight is a relief on my shoulders...ever mounted a 70-200mm telephoto lens with body+battery grip...can take it but dun encourage to do that too often.

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    Default Re: PPCP tripod user review request

    well...i'm happy with it and tink that its defn value for money..... and most of all...its built in a way to reduce hassle to the user..


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