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  • Those are MY billions. My! My! My! All Mine!!!

    11 18.03%
  • Just write a cheque and let the relevant bodies handle it. Too taxing to supervise such purchases

    7 11.48%
  • Donate with a proposal writeup AND personally supervise the building to completion phrase

    21 34.43%
  • U nuts? I'd rather complete my camera & lens collection with that money

    22 36.07%
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Thread: If you are a multi-billionaire...

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    Quote Originally Posted by deckard View Post

    World Wrestling Photographers!!!
    here comessssssssssssssssssss.... E-O-S 1-D MARK IIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....... weighing XXX POUNDs!!!..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_Yeo View Post
    another person just fell into the track yesterday....

    If i were one of the station staff, i'll make sure he has more facial injury than the original subtained from falling onto the track... slap him until he conscious.

    it is horrible to be stuck in the train as a commuter when you are rushing for time either for an appt or something important. This man can die for all i care.

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