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Thread: Regarding photo pests at big occasions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clown View Post
    nice words, oh all-knowing golf magazine writer. sad thing is that golfers have to read your bullsh*t in the mag but then again it's not my problem.

    u can hound all you want but i dont have anymore time to waste on a bigot like you.

    good day to you too.

    i learned something new today, i'm a biggot!
    yeah too bad they have to read it which is why they invite me to play a round with them or corporate calls me to do a piece for them...gotta defend myself buddy

    clown likes to quote but obviously he missed this one or maybe just didn't read where i said naming a nationality might be considered as racial and it might be better for nationalites to be left out. i said that because for some it's fuel for the fire. but
    wow, yep, sounds like a biggot to me ...whew, dust off the cane and get it ready for me because hawaiisg is a biggot...10 strokes please

    i'm glad you said it because it really shows where you were coming from and what the whole premise of your arguements were. it all stemmed from race and now i completely understand why you had nothing constructive to say...i think you just had a bone to pick with a foreigner. i think you had bad experiences with foreigners, i think foreigners had bad experiences with you. haha, i think it's like this for everyone in the world at times. but i pushed you because i needed to know who i was dealing with, and now i know.

    last i checked we all put our pants on the same way, the people you see on the way up are the same ones you see on the way down, no one is better, no one is inferrior unless you yourself think it. which is also a bad seed. seriously, try to understand just as i pointed out and david and others why the "american" was an arse. was he really? did he just not know? or, did he not have a way to communicate so gave universal gestures? or, just go on hating and not understanding.

    it's probably pointless to get you to understand...but keep in mind understanding is different from agreeing.

    have a good day...i know you love me, and i love you too
    cheers buddy

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    This is just so amusing...
    Quote Originally Posted by Hawaiisg View Post
    now after this if you have a bone to pick with me meet me at harbourfront tomorrow, you buy the coffee (starbucks) since your panties seem to be in a bunch over this and we'll discuss it. I'll be in a red shirt, silver glasses on my head, and wearing brown long khaki pants at 12 noon. my family is flying in tomorrow at 2 but i'll put aside a special time just for you...


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    I wasn't there so I didn't witness what happened. When u said the "American burly" guy was aggressive, how was he so? I'm not sure if tapping of shoulders or giving what u described as a "policeman" STOP sign has been made a mountain out of a molehill. His actions might have seemed exaggerated bcos the guy couldn't speak the Laotian language as some mentioned. It's like when we speak to a foreigner very slowly and with accented tones. We are not disrespecting him or her like a retarded person of course but we want to be clear with our communication.

    Whatever it is, I'm not accusing you but from my reading of this post, it seems to me that you were the one who started the confrontation. It's unfortunate that the American guy accused you of being a Singaporean and behaved rudely towards you. (That's his stereotype of us. There are good and bad Singaporeans, just as there are good and bad Americans.) I couldn't judge him much cos I don't know how you approached him. But one thing for sure is you made him pissed off and when tempers fly around, words just come out in nasty ways. Happens to everyone of us.

    In any case, I personally think you should step in only if you could ascertain the whole truth about the situation and some innocent person is going to be hurt. Like if the boys were really facing distress from the photographer. Then your martial arts training can be put to good use. If the photographer did cross the line, I'm quite sure whoever is in charge of the monastry would have sent him out of the place after 20 mins. Or some of the boys would have protested in some ways. But it didn't happen right?

    Trying to pick a fight is a No-no. In a fight, no one wins. (That's why war is stupid.) Doesn't matter how expert you are in a martial arts. You may get away with it now or in the past, but in future, you could be badly hurt or touch wood, even killed. If you had fought with the guy, what good will it be for anyone? And mind you, all those pushing in the chests between you and him....You were doing it in a sacred temple -- a place of worship. And in front of the boy monks too, besides your wife?

    I'm not sure if you are one of those people who have a black belt in a martial arts and snaps easily. It's good to help someone in physical distress, but IMHO, it should not be a reason to challenge someone just because you think you are prepared for a fight. A fight should only be used if you need to defend yourself or help someone in need. If testesterones are high, I think picking up boxing would be a better case. In your situation, I would have promptly brought the matter up with the person in charge of the temple if I am not happy with his behaviour, not confront the guy myself. Because I might be making a mistake with my initial judgement of him.

    Juz my opinions...

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