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Thread: k750 back view

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    Question k750 back view

    -,+ comments welcome

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    Two spots below the phone, maybe you should try changing the background. Somehow this photo lacks the ooomph factor.
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    "ooomph" means ?

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    A velvety black or crimson red background would have been great, it would offset the silver of the phone more.

    Watch your light source! I can see the bars on your flat window reflected in the mirror of the phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmxdsajjad View Post
    "ooomph" means ?
    mean look like use another camera fone take the picture... no kick...

    its just like normal, i take a camera, put on a piece of paper, then shoot, then never edit, put online...
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    hmm seldom see the silver edition of the K750i.. agree that changing the background would be better..


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