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Thread: Looking for a prosumer camera

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    Thanks Wahgongzai.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wahgongzai View Post
    How about Dimage A2

    Although its an old model, It has a mechanical zoom (wire by frame) lens with 7.1x zoom. I have both A1(BP-400 grip) and A2. I saw only one shop (2nd level Sim Lim) is still selling it. If you want, can go check it out together with the other potential cameras in mind.

    A200 (support remote control) also can consider, but it does not have a grip like A1 and A2...

    Just remember that the A2 and A200 have severe back-focus problems and poor ISO performance. Other than that, they're quite comfy and easy to use too.

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    "severe back-focus problems and poor ISO"
    I am not very sure about the back-focus issue. Are you referring to the auto focus??? I do heard about getting focus confirmation from A2 despite it is off focus. But so far, most of the time I shot with full manual mode to play with DOF.

    Did try with the auto focus (with anti-shake) . Quite fast and most of the shots is okay to me lah. Anyway for ISO wise I only shoot within ISO100-200 range. So have not try ISO400 and above. But do take note of this, a lot of user have complain about soft images using the A2.

    So far most of my macro products shot have shallow DOF, so also very hard to tell....

    Go check out dpreview and find the camera you want and do research from there. Read and search all the post regarding the camera and gather feedback from seniors (me newbie) in CS. Than decide what you really want. I spend about 1 month doing research before I commit buying the A1 and A2, as I like total full control with the camera.

    Oh one very important advice (most of the senior CS say this), go and touch and have a feel at the real camera (from the shop) and see whether you really like the feel a not. I bought a used dimage 5 to play with it befor I buy A1 and A2.
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    Thanks everyone.

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    how about my Panasonic DMC-LC1 ? this is my nikon d1h's handy small camera.

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    I suppose you are lenting me for trial?

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