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Thread: A try at flash animation...

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    Quote Originally Posted by phantasia View Post
    Wow...very impressive work Sulhan...especially considering tat you've only been at it for 4 weeks!

    I second that.

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    Default Re: A try at flash animation...

    sulhan, this is good man !

    as for the mountains animation, why not make the subject stationary while the mountain moves ? this way it will look as if its walking non- stop ? (in the mountains? )

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    Default Stork oh Stork

    Okay...week 5.

    Taking a put all things learned so far to make into a short music animation...based on a Malay folk song.... still in the is the first part...

    For those who know the song...its about nature life cycle...translate it goes this way...

    Stork oh Stork...
    why are you so thin...?
    I am thin as fishes does not want to come to the surface...

    Fishes oh Fishes...
    Why do you not want to surface....
    Not that we do not want to surface...jus thtat the grasses have grown too long.

    Grasses oh grasses
    why are you soo long...?
    We are long as the Buffalo does not want to eat us.....

    Buffallo oh Buffalo
    Why are you not eating the grass?
    How can i eat the grass when my tummy is aching. -------->Until here so far....

    Tummy oh tummy
    Why are you aching?
    Its aching because buffalo ate rice that is uncooked.

    Rice oh rice
    Why are you not cooked?
    I am uncooked as the firewood is wet.

    Firewood oh firewood.
    Why are you wet?
    I am wet as the rain fell on me.

    Rain oh rain.
    Why did you fall on the firewood?
    I fell on the firewood as the frog called for me.

    Frog oh frog...
    Why did you cal the rain?
    I call the rain as the snake is about to eat me up.

    Snake oh Snake
    Why do you want to eat the frog?
    I want to eat the frog because it my food.

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