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Thread: Sigma EF500 Super Upgrading??

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    Default Sigma EF500 Super Upgrading??

    Anyone here owns this flash and had it upgraded or "rechipped" as we read from other forum?? it seem like this flash does overexpose most of the time, and i had tough time controlling it.. its unlike when I was using the Ds....

    Anyone can offer help here??
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    Default Re: Sigma EF500 Super Upgrading??

    I hv alrdy given up hope on tat flash for K10D and bought a 540FGZ instead. it has higher GN and of course no compatibility problem.
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    Default Re: Sigma EF500 Super Upgrading??

    Not a Pentax user but I have a Canon mount one. Mine has very inconsistent power output as well. Worse of all, after only slightly more than year the thing died on me and cost $80 to repair. Do yourself a favour and get another flash as suggested by sbc.


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