From 22 March to 21 May 2007, the National Museum of Singapore presents Under the Crescent Moon, a two-month festival showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Arab world and Turkey. The exhibitions, performances, films and lectures in this festival will bring you on a journey of the different Arabian art forms you have never experienced before.

Be sure to catch our free exhibitions, Living Under the Crescent Moon: Domestic Culture in the Arab World and NAZAR: Images from the Arab World, where the artefacts and photographic images will highlight the diversity of the Arab culture and their daily lifestyles.

For film lovers, our Cinémathèque programmes present two classic gems of the world cinema, The Adventures of Prince Achmed, the first-ever animated feature film and The Son of the Sheikh, a film which depicts the nostalgia and sensuous Arab world as seen through Western eyes. With a touch of modernism, The Adventures of Prince Achmed will be accompanied by a live music performance by a local musician, The Analog Girl, who has created a new score especially for this film.

Be mesmerised by the internationally-rated performances which include Dervish by Ziya Azazi and The Whirling Dervishes of Damascus with Sheikh Hamzah Shakkur accompanied by the Al-Kindi Ensemble. Listen to Kurdish singing superstar, Aynur, merging traditional Kurdish music with the elements of rock and jazz. For all lovers of Middle Eastern dance, renowned Parisian choreographer and dancer, Leila Haddad, performs to a magical and hypnotic fusion of music while reviving the ancient oriental dance form of Raqs Sharki.

Tickets are on sale at the National Museum of Singapore from 10am to 8pm. Early Bird Promotion of 20% off full-priced tickets from 12 February till 4 March 2007. For ticketing enquiries, please call 6332 3659.

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