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Thread: My first upload of photos...

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    Hi, this is my first attempt using my Canon EOS 400D with EF28mm-135mm IS in a relatively cool day (slightly cloudy) afternoon.

    Newbie shot, so be relatively nice to me OK

    1/320, F/5.6, ISO400, 50mm

    I think it should be snapshot and my purpose is to capture the innocence feel of my kid.

    I also realised that It's pretty hard to capture toddlers shots.

    Do let me know where I should improve on.

    I'm exciting to learn from you guys.
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    Default Re: My first upload of photos...

    please famliarize yourself with the posting guidelines


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    Sorry, I must have missed it. Only one image right?

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    simple and effective, good eye contact, focus and shutter is good too; only shortcoming is the need for a tighter crop, eg too much yellow foreground and the distracting arm on left, and more headroom - if there was any available, if not maybe less - but these can done and experimented in post image capture in photoedit, eg cropping, especially since you have good enough data at capture to start making a picture.


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