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Thread: Student

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    as you might have already known, student will be leaving Clubsnap on his own free will, and we shall respect that.

    but we also know that he is among one of the most vocal contributors in the community, someone who dares to show that he sees and does things differently from the majority of the active contributors here. (not referring to the latent members or lurkers who seldom post).

    here's a poll as a tribute to his 'legacy'. will his quitting from Clubsnap be a loss to the community, or not?

    please vote yes or no, or no difference ( )
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    i think we should respect his decision (meaning no need to ask such questions)
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    what exactly contribute to his departure?

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    Long dramatic goodbyes? Oh come on ...... its so passe.

    He got his 3 minutes, he moved on.. will you?
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    He will be missed by some, but CS wll continue on with or without any one of its member. By now, CS is a well establishe community, no one member has that much impact. One gone, someone will rise to take the vacant place.

    We should respect his decision, hope he does too.
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