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Thread: Good Bye CS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octane69 View Post
    Are we allowed a poll on this one?
    no, only TS can add a poll on this thread.

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    lol! the 'other' poll was closed as well, so i might as well use this one again =)

    Quote Originally Posted by zaren View Post
    it's cleaner to post anything related to student's departure in his farewell thread, IMHO. in fact, a perusal of that thread should give stereobox a pretty good idea whether student's departure is a loss to CS.
    wah wah wah so much huha~

    mm, if i may clarify myself. the poll wasn't conducted for my self interest alone.

    as mentioned in the poll, i stated student is one of the most vocal contributors in Clubsnap (3000+ photography-related posts, +/- the numerous rebuttals he has to dish out) - can't argue with that!

    as he has declared he will be leaving permanently, the poll was conducted as sort of a tribute to him, one who has openly and daringly shared his personal experiences in terms of photography. after so many posts and 'clashes' with members of the community and even admin, how has he fared? you can say he earned that poll.

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    No. No further polls will be entertained in regards to this matter.

    A good photographer has chosen to leave and we should respect his decision as it is.

    I am closing this thread as well as it serves no purpose since he will not be coming back here. Should anyone wishes to contact him, you may do so using the email he has so kindly provided at the start of this thread.

    I hope all of us can learn and see what can happen when things come to a head.

    Personally, I have no wish for any of us to leave under such circumstances so I hope this will serve as a stark reminder on what we can try to do better so as to prevent a repeat of such a situation.

    I thank you all for responding to this thread but I too seek your understanding in me closing this thread off. Lets all try to move on and make better pictures.


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