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Thread: Photoshop : sharpen n despeckle

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    Default Photoshop : sharpen n despeckle

    Anyone can advice on the following?

    I've got some photos that are quite noisy but soft as I put my in camera sharpening to soft.

    I'm currently using USM to sharpen it, but am thinking of using the despeckle after the sharpen to remove some noise.

    Any idea if despeckle is effective in noise removal but maintains the sharpening done? or does it just do some form of softening instead.


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    It's actually better to despeckle first before you sharpen.
    By doing so, you won't be sharpening any noise that's present in the image.

    Alternatively, you can use neat image to remove the noise.
    It works better then the despeckle filter.

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    What I would do:

    1. Run through Neatimage with settings at about 50-75%

    2. Use the Edgesharpen and Noiseremoval actions I've put up here:

    What the actions do is to sharpen the edges only, rather than the whole picture, so it doesn't increase the noise in the featureless areas.


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