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Thread: Really Newbie Query - Metering

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    Hello to all shifu here,

    Happy Chinese New Year !!!
    Hope you don't mind I ask a newbie question here :P

    Actually always found some photographers pointing their cameras at certain location then point back to the subject and take the photo... I understand from friends that they are actually doing the metering. My doubt is that normally where should we point (or where should we meter) before taking the photo? Because as a newbie, I may not have enough experience to know which is the best metering point

    Could the shifus here please enlighten me on how to do the metering correctly (to get correct exposure) ? or the Steps that you normally take to do the metering

    Thank you all in advance

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    Default Re: Really Newbie Query - Metering

    First of all, what camera are you using? 35mm? MF? DSLR? P&S?

    There are alot of comprehensive tips if you google around. I basically learnt alittle that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesW View Post
    First of all, what camera are you using? 35mm? MF? DSLR? P&S?
    Hello JamesW,

    Thanks for the reply.
    Currently I am using Nikon D70s, still at learning stage.
    Actually I have done the reading from Internet, however, when comes to pratical, it
    always quite different. That's why need advices from the shifu here for more tips.
    Hee hee it's good to learn from others' experiences too

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    Bahman Farzad does a very good job of explaining it in layman terms here:

    Metering is an elementary knowledge that you learn and put it to the back of your mind. When you become more experienced, you'll soon learn to judge it by looking at the scene you intend to frame.

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    y everyone is saying everything but the things he is asking.

    when you see ppl do that (pointing to somewhere else then back to shot), it is because currently metering did not work for them.

    if you are using D70s, i believe you would have spot metering( if not center weight also can).

    lets say you are shooting a ppl in a low light area with a bright window. if you shoot with evaluative metering, your subject would be underexposed. there are times if you use spot metering on the subject you still find your subject underexpose.

    so this is wat you do.

    first you compose your pic, and take the first shot, if you dun like it. find the darkest part of your pic, use spot metering focus in that area and do a AE Lock, next recompose your pic and shoot, if you if it overexpose, then find the 2nd darkest area and repeat the process till you are happy.

    this need a lot of practice to do it 1 time sure good.

    there are ppl who do it differently, like up the EXP. by 1/2 to 1 stop. this would be handle if all the pic you are going to take have the same nature.

    try, listen, learn then try again.

    just my 1/2 cent
    Member of the earth

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    Hi CaeSiuM and Gilbert,

    Really thanks alot for your guidance


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