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    Just thought i'd mention that PS CS3 is now available in Beta version and its really much better. Bigger graphs for curves, good defaults for b/w cov using channel mixer. Overall the interface is really a big improvement. Also, the RAW converter does give Capture 1 a run for its money.

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    any idea when the actual version will be out?

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    yes it's almost like a totally different animal now..

    after trying it i wont go back to CS2 unless i really really have no choice. hehx

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    The beta's been out for a few months now; registered owner of CS2 are able to use the beta for quite some time (maybe until the retail version comes out). There are rumors that the retail will be launched (or at least announced) sometime march/april period.

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    Use the CS3 with a Mac Intel, it will fly.....................


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