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Thread: Thinking of going to Angkor Wat for shoot

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    You may wish to visit site to see details.

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    Actually there are three temples that were built in a straight line, running east to west from Cambodia to Thailand. Wat Angkor was built by the Thai King before it was invaded.

    Prasat Phnom Rung is the next in line west of Wat Angkor. Then followed by another Wat in Lopburi.

    Prasat Phnom Rung is in Nakhon Ratchasima - Korat. Northeast of Bangkok, about 300 km away.

    Lopburi - about 200 km north of Bangkok.

    Went to the temple in Lopburi in 1997. Scattered building left. Buddha statues been ampuleted. A lot of monkeys resided there.

    Prasat Phnom Rung - said to worship the 'Elephant face human body' Hindu god who is Son of Lord Siva. Very famous. The temple is much better. The whole temple is very well preserved for visitors.

    Have a look. All pictures taken by Olympus C4040.

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    Thread moved to General Discussions.

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    Anybody going to Siem Reap in early April? Am thinking of going there myself, but am not sure if its safe to travel around Cambodia alone....

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